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Discovering Borgo Pusterla

Antica Pusterla Relais & Maison are located in the district of Borgo Pusterla, respectively in Contrà San Francesco and Contrà Vittorio Veneto, a place rich in history, which developed from the Middle Ages and went through several changes in subsequent eras.

The Middle Ages

Borgo Pusterla owes its origins to the construction of St. Mark’s Church in the thirteencentury and began to widen since then. The existing church was demolished in 1810 and replaced by the Church of San Girolamo and Santa Teresa; in 1769 the church was consacrated and it is still well known today as the Church of San Marco in San Girolamo. In the thirteen-century, the Abbey of San Bartolomeo and its cloister were built and they are now part of the San Bartolomeo Hospital, still open to the public.


Up to the present day

The development of Borgo Pusterla continued until the age of the “Serenissima” when its growth brought to the renovation of Porta Pusterla and the construction of Porta San Bortolo, next to the abbey of San Bartolomeo, in 1435.

Then the district was enriched with churches, abbeys and somptuous palaces that made the area one of the most interesting of the city, together with the stylish Contrà Porti, the road that leads to the magnificent Basilica Palladiana.


The Neighbourhood

Thanks to their strategic position, Antica Pusterla Relais & Maison lie just outside the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) but in the very heart of the city at the same time: sitting right next to the San Bortolo Hospital and Parco Querini, the Relais de Charme is just 800 metres away from Piazza dei Signori – where the magnificent Basilica Palladiana stands; the Maison de Charme stands right in the back of Piazza Matteotti, where the majestic Teatro Olimpico lies.

The area offers several occasions for entertainment and high-quality bars and restaurants. Among these, we highly recommend these following ones:

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Oca Bianca da Ugo
Culinary delights in an intimate and special atmosphere.
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Angolo Palladio
tradition and innovation in the very Heart of Vicenza.
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Il Molo
A fine combination of traditional and contemporary cuisine.
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The finest gathering place in the heart of Vicenza. Strictly high-quality.
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Al Pestello
Vicenza cuisine since 1910
About us

An ancient district in the heart of Vicenza

Antica Pusterla Relais & Maison lie in the immediate vicinity to some of Vicenza’s largest attractions. Its district, Borgo Pusterla, has developed through the Middle Ages originating from the Old “Porta Pusterla”, hence its name.